Legionella Services

Assessing Building Water Systems
Legionnaires’ disease (LD) is a growing public health concern threatening the most vulnerable in our population. Legionnaires’ disease is the most lethal building-related illness in the US, and it is caused by inhalation of water-borne bacteria in building water systems. Legionnaires Disease is on a rapid rise in the US, with an increase of ~350% from 2000 to 2013. The disease is entirely preventable by managing water systems in buildings, and testing water should be done to confirm the effectiveness of the controls.

The current practice of merely managing water sources in a building has not stemmed the dramatic rise of the disease. Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) recognize that initial and routine sampling and analysis of water for Legionella is critical to a successful Legionella prevention program.

Our certified industrial hygienists will conduct an inventory of building water systems to identify sources of Legionella, including at least:

  • Cooling towers and evaporative condensors
  • Hot tubs, whirlpools and spas
  • Decorative fountains and water features
  • Humidifiers and their water storage systems
  • Potable water
  • Fire suppression sprinklers, emergency eyewash stations and safety showers
  • Industrial processes
Our work is consistent with the ASHRAE standard, but goes further with validation of the control measures by testing of water systems with analyses by an accredited laboratory. We will interpret results and recommend a course of action. Testing of water systems seems to be required for stemming this stubborn but controllable public health problem.